TOS Schoolhouse Planner

     Looking for a way to organize your homeschool for the new school year? How about your materials? Your home and budget? Yourself? Have I got a solution for you! My first TOS Homeschool Crew review discusses the many things the Schoolhouse Planner can do for you. The new 2009-2010 planner is available now at the TOS Magazine’s Schoolhouse Store.


     This planner, in e-book form, sells for $39.00 and supplies you with forms you can use endless times for every part of your homeschooling and home organization.

     This e-book can be printed off or you can enter your information and save it in the document. This feature is so easy to use. The cursor lines up on all the forms and tables perfectly, and you can tab from section to section, and click inside check boxes to enter a check where you want it . I loved playing with it.

     Now, about all the forms you receive – there is everything you need to plan all aspects of your homeschool, organize your materials, and your home life. You receive all kinds of calendars and planning forms for the year, month, and day. I even found one that I had been looking for that allows me to plan for the week with space for my two sons and up to seven subjects with plenty of room to write.

     During your school year, there are logs and records to compile lists of materials used, books read, fieldtrips taken and activities the children enjoyed. As your children progress through their school work, you can make notes on various reports, evaluation sheets, and transcripts.

     But homeschool forms are only half of what you get with this planner. Along with tons of recipes, you are going to love the monthly topics presented in summary and fact sheets. These topics range from the thirteen colonies to the weather to getting into college to name just a few. Each one has fact sheets that go with each topic. In addition to these fact sheets, there are many more. These range from various famous groups of people to countries, states, and their capitals to the periodic table. There is a load of information here, handy to use. I plan on printing these out and having my boys add these to their notebooks for our different subjects for handy reference.

     Lastly, as a homeschooling mom, I know I need as much help as possible organizing my home life as well. This planner supplies all sorts of forms to help you organize schedules, housekeeping, contact information, and budgeting. There are even chore charts that include pictures for your little ones to use. I love these and wish I had them when my guys were little. I ended up making my own. Now, you don’t have to.

     Check out the 2009-2010 Schoolhouse Planner for yourself. There are pictures of various forms for your review. I know you’ll love it as much as I do. I can’t wait to start planning my new year!

2 Responses

  1. Loved your thorough review!

  2. Really nice review. I am enjoying “meeting” everyone on the crew.

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