Web Design For Kids…and Curious Grown Ups

Well, after reading various books entitled with a name like Webpages or HTML for People who Don’t Know What They are Doing, I’m embarrassed to admit, I still didn’t know what I was doing. Until, I sat and watched “Web Design For Kids…and Curious Grown Ups” by Cick Drag Solutions.


This is a great DVD geared towards kids (starting at 10, maybe 8 up to Adults) so that they (and me) can easily understand how to get started developing a web page. The DVD consists of the following lessons:

  • Ten Basic Lines of Code
  • Sandwiches and Colors
  • Make Subject Stand Out
  • Stand Alone Tags
  • Designing Backgrounds
  • Fonts and Paragraphs
  • Pictures

Each lesson features, Brian Richardson, a former middle school computer literacy teacher demonstrating easy step by step instructions to follow and simultaneously develop your own web site. My son and I found that it worked best when he worked on a laptop (you can always use a nearby computer) while he watched the DVD and I hit the pause button on the remote when needed and took notes for future reference.

My son was extremely excited to look at his web page he was developing after typing each portion of code and bask in the results. I had to make him wait to begin the next lesson and work on this over a few days because other people needed to use the computer.

If you are looking for a computer class or an introduction to writing code for your children, I highly recommend this DVD to get you started. Mr. Richardson is presently working on a second DVD picking up where he left off from the first and delving into more HTML techniques. The reasons this program is so well done are

  • this program is motivating because the children can see results of their efforts immediately.
  • they will learn the idea that code has to typed in exactly or won’t work, providing great practice in attention to detail.
  • all necessary software you need is on your computer. (Windows – Notepad and Internet Explorer; Mac – TextEdit and Safari)

Right now, the DVD, usually $40.00, is on sale at %50 off for $19.99 plus shipping. There is a money-back guarantee.

My son and I enjoyed this program so much that we discussed ways in which he can use it to develop his own blog/website. When that is up and running, I’ll be updating you all on that. We hope it will be beneficial for teens and their parents! (but that’s all I can say about that for now)

Visit sample websites developed by kids using HTML learned by watching Web Design For Kids…and Curious Grown Ups.

To get back to Click Drag Solutions – I also admire Mr. Richardson because he is a charitable man.

He has established Click Drag Foundation which provides DVDs and instruction to youth programs in urban neighborhoods. He also donates a portion of his company’s profits to the following charities:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Children’s Miracle Network
  • The Smile Train
  • Miami Project to Cure Paralysis
  • American Foundation for the Blind

I encourage you to visit Click Drag Solutions to view a video clip from the DVD. You won’t be disappointed.

If you would like to read other reviews of this product, please visit the TOS Homeschool Crew.

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  1. How do can we get Web design for kids part 2 that was mentioned in part 1?

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