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The Amazing Bible World History Timeline

I recently received gratuitously for the purpose of a review for the TOS Homeschool Crew a copy of the Amazing Bible World History Timeline.

Photobucket  When I first received this huge timeline of world history, I was thrilled. My family and I have been studying world history in a chronological order along with the Bible. We believe the Bible is, among other things for us, a document of authentic Christian history and should be studied alongside our other books in our historical studies. So, when we received a timeline that included Biblical events around the world from creation to modern times, we thought this was something we could sink our teeth into.

This timeline is divided in half, one half the events before Christ, the other half after His birth. There is an index to assist you in finding the proper area for a topic of your choosing. The timeline is circular and colored coded to show you the three sons of Noah and their paths to different parts of the world. This was exciting, as it reviewed what we had studied in our ancient history studies.

However, the more we looked at the timeline the more tedious it seemed to us because of the many detailed events in tiny writing and their textual references. As I began to look more closely at the references, I noticed some with which I was unfamiliar and another that does not correspond or promote my family’s Christian beliefs. There are references to the Book of Mormon. If you belong to the Church of Latter Day Saints, you would be more interested in the LDS version of this timeline found here.

According to the publisher of this timeline, the reason why there are Mormon references printed on this version of the timeline is that a number of years ago the original version of this timeline without the Mormon references was destroyed. The LDS version was then expunged of its Mormon references and then produced as this generic Christian version. Along with this and the fact that there are still references on the timeline to the Book of Mormon and an explanation from the publisher that disagrees with our Christian beliefs, I feel this product does not meet our family’s needs. You might find of interest the publisher’s explanation of the timeline here.

The timeline comes with two free downloads, one is a pdf version of the timeline, and the other a neat interactive layered map of the holy land from 1850 BC to 4 BC. This timeline can be found here for $29.97.

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2 Responses

  1. Have you since found a timeline that fits with your christians views and works well with charlotte mason? I am currently searching for one and came across your review. I noticed on a couple of the site that sell a timeline that looks like this they boosted morman and LDS – so I beware of buying something now.

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