Recalling Information Proves Most Effective in Learning

The New York Times published an article stating test-taking (a means of retrieving information about recently learned material) has proven to be the most effective means in long-term memory retention. I find the article interesting, not because of the test-taking, but by the results from different experiments that were conducted using various popular learning methods, including the popular mind-mapping idea.

From my standpoint and own experience in our homeschool, and stated in the research, the test-taking or practice of retrieving information can also take the form of oral and written narration, including writing notebooking pages on the topic recently stated. It is the practice of retrieving the information on your own (without looking at a reference) that appears to transfer it from short term memory to long term memory.

Here is the link to the article

This scientific study hasn’t told me anything I haven’t seen in our own homeschooling experience using oral and written narration and our notebooking methods! It did confirm for me and reassure me that we are on that right track!

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Notebooking Pages Winter Special Sale!

Well, it’s been awhile since I have posted, but am now ready to begin a brand new year of new posts, new ideas, and new products of my own in the making! (Stay tuned for those and an exciting announcement!)

Wanted to pass the word along about a new sale going on right now at Notebooking Pages! We are currently working on several projects using these pages as we study American History! We are using the States pages and Presidents pages! As we progress through time, we are notebooking each state as it is added to the union and keeping up with historic events and government and political developments with our President notebooking pages! I am really psyched about this!

Anyway, here are the details for this sale so you can hop on board the notebooking homeschooling style!

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