Currclick Memorial Day Freebies on Facebook Event!

Here’s the info from Currclick!

Memorial Day Weekend is almost upon us! It’s a wonderful time to get together with family and honor those who served to make our nation great. It is also an important time for learning.

So, join us on Facebook for 4 FREE Memorial Day/Patriotic learning resou rces. Simply “like us” on Facebook, then visit our FB page starting at 5:00 CST this evening for the freebie title list and the 100% OFF coupon code that will work for all 4 titles. Feel free to spread the word to your homeschooling friends via the “Facebook Event Share option.” You are also welcome to share the coupon code with your family & friends who prefer not to use Facebook.

Happy Memorial Day, everybody!

*when checking out, be sure to click the paypal button BEFORE entering the coupon code!

Sshh! Secret 50% off Sale at Currclick

Currclick is having a special secret 50% off sale on select curriculum. BUT, you can only access the discount at this link  Special Secret Link . They are calling it their Spring It Forward Sale.

Between now and May 20th, people who visit this Special Secret Link, will get 50% savings on 100’s of top homeschool resources from Currclick.

Not only that, but several of their most popular teachers are offering 10% OFF all their summer and fall classes.

In addition, visitors to their Spring-it-Forward event will be able to sign up for their Spring Fever Study Hall for FREE, a $15 value! Kids who attend will get homework help, motivation and prizes!

They also have some new freebies! So, check it out before time runs out! Special Secret Link


I wanted to share this with all of you as soon as I heard! Debra at Notebooking Pages is having a HUGE SALE! And I love those notebooking pages! They are not only fun for the kids, but I have found them to be the most effective way for my kids to remember what we study!

You won’t want to miss what she has to offer for one great price! She is offering some great bonuses and a drawing for some terrific prizes! Check it out! Remember to use the discount code at this link to get your 25% off of her bundles!

coupon code = treasury2011   at  5th Birthday Sale-A-Bration

Join the Notebooking Pages Treasury now during their 5th Birthday Sale-A-Bration and receive an extended membership, bonus e-gift package, and chance to win some great prizes!



MAY 9th – MAY 27th

Purchase a Notebooking Pages Treasury between May 9th – May 27th, 2011
(-OR- Renew a Membership — see instruction at very bottom of this page)


and you’ll receive the following bonus e-gift package (worth over $80!) for FREE
you’ll be entered into our weekly drawing for even MORE gifts (keep reading!).

Vocabulary Bridges from English to Latin & Greek Ebook

Most of what we speak and read is Latin and Greek. We just don’t know it. As much as 80% of English vocabulary is derived from Latin and Greek. If we could recognize the Latin and Greek in English, we would understand our own language better. Vocabulary Bridges teaches 50 Latin prefixes and 60 Latin roots; 50 Greek prefixes and 80 Greek roots. All of the major prepositions of Latin and Greek are covered. 2,000 English vocabulary words are examined. Vocabulary Bridges requires your child to research the origins of English words in a dictionary and record his findings in the workbook. This encourages the habit of consulting the dictionary for accurate meanings and derivations. Students ages ten through adult can use this workbook. ($8)


Copying the Poems: The Voice of Spring – HWT 3-A

Copying the Poems: The Voice of Spring – HWT 3-A ($4.95) is a beginning level resource for cursive students that includes 25 spring-centered lessons drawing from full length spring poems and corresponding KJV scripture verses from the Bible. There are also coloring pictures and drawing spaces included.

This instantly downloadable pdf e-book contains 25 full lessons in 66 pages, making preparing copywork lessons a breeze – just hit print!


(eWorkshop) Cherry Pie: Recipe for a Successful Christian Homeschool
by Tammy Cardwell

In her Cherry Pie workshop, veteran homeschooler Tammy Cardwell shares valuable insights into what it takes to have a successful Christian homeschool.


(eWorkshop & eBook) Homeschooling through Hard Times
by Tammy Cardwell

Homeschooling through Hard Times outlinines certain basic principles that help the Christian family build a foundation that will support them through the hard times. ($5.95)


(eBook) See, I Told Me So! Homeschool Veterans Declare “You Can Stop Worrying!”
edited by Tammy Cardwell

See, I Told Me So! answers the heart cry of anxious homeschoolers everywhere. Homeschool veterans from many walks of life share from their experiences-their challenges, their fears, their trials and triumphs. Each contributor offers the same assurance. “We could have stopped worrying years ago and you can stop worrying today.” ($12.95)


Just Tell Me What to Order

This 35-page E-book lists excellent curriculum choices from kindergarten through 8th grade, with ideas for high school and plenty of teacher-training resources listed, too. These choices are all easy on you and your budget.
(Retail Price: $5.00)


You are There: World History audios

You are There: World History audios
1200 BC – Fall of Troy
480 BC – Thermopolae
399 BC – Death of Socrates
September 30, 331 BC – Rise of Alexander the Great: Peace Offer
October 1, 331 BC – Rise of Alexander the Great: Battle for Asia
September, 326 BC – Rise of Alexander the Great: Mutiny in India
August 26, 79 BC – The Last Day of Pompeii
December 5, 63 BC – The Conspiracy of Catiline
44 BC – The Assassination of Julius Caesar
December 25, 800 – Charlemagne
October 14, 1066 – The Battle of Hastings
June 15, 1215 – The Signing of the Magna Charta
May 30, 1431 – Joan of Arc Burned at the Stake
April 7, 1498 – The Ordeal of Savonarola
June 15, 1520 – The Death of Montezuma


Lessons from the Proverbs 31 Woman for Moms

A short report to encourage you to live by God’s principles as the Proverbs 31 woman did.


Adventures in Learning with Jack and Jill: Alphabet Animals from

Alphabet Animals is filled with learning activities for your young child. From handwriting practice, to letter recognition, to simple copywork and games, your child will love each activity in this adorably illustrated book!
This book includes:
– Printable Illustrated Alphabet Poster
– Handing Letter Practice
– Alphabet Flip Book
– Animal Copywork and Art Pages
– Alphabet File Folder Game
– Alphabet Folder Book


BONUS #10:
From the Freezer to the Slow Cooker

Meals you can make for your busiest days. A collection of meals you can make ahead and freeze for later use in your slow cooker.

BONUS #11:
Free Set of Daily (Editable) Homeschool Assignment Sheets
from helping moms get organized with our Mom’s Home Journal for All Seasons!

BONUS #12:
Perfectly Practical Bible Bundle
from hands-on homeschooling that touches the heart.
The Perfectly Practical Bible Resource Bundle is a bundle of 6 great practical helps and resources to equip you as you teach your children to love God, study His Word, and fellowship with Him in prayer. There’s no fluff here – these are practical, “rubber meets the road” resources that you can start using today! Retail price $9.97.





Purchase a membership or renewal

and you’ll be entered for that week’s drawing!

5th Birthday Sale-A-Bration



(Memberships/renewals purchased May 9th – May 15th will be entered):


Prize #1

ProClick Binding Kit
Value = $75

Click (& then zoom in) for Proclick Binding Machine Demonstration
Join the Notebooking Pages Treasury today and you may win a ProClick binding tool as well as a supply of (25) 0.5″ spines to get you started on your own custom spiral notebooks. This hand-operated tool will zip holes all along the edge of your paper. Then you simply insert the flexible spine and zip it closed with the little plastic zipping tool. So easy to use! They easily zip open and close making them perfect for growing notebooks. You can create your own sketchbook, journal, or other type of notebook. You can also snip the spines to make smaller size notebooks.

Prize #2
My Audio School 1-year Membership
Value = $15

My Audio School exists to give children safe and easy access to classic books, interesting educational radio drama, and television and radio broadcasts of historic events. Each of the over 350 full-length books on My Audio School is displayed in such a way that the child can download the book to Mp3, read it for free online, stream the book at the touch of a button, or listen to individual chapters according to a given day’s assignment. Each book is thoughtfully “illustrated” with beautiful fine art or appropriate photos.

My Audio School also offers a large collection of over 250 radio and television broadcasts, from old-time radio theater performances based on classic books and historic events to newscasts of unforgettable moments in history. We also provide links to external sites with high quality audio material for children, saving you the legwork of finding great audio on a variety of subjects.

Originally created as an aid for dyslexic students, My Audio School has proven to be a help and a delight to students of all ages and abilities. From the emerging reader to the excelling high school student, My Audio School delivers informative, enjoyable, classic audio content on a large variety of school subjects.


Prize #3
(only available during WEEK 1 of our sale!)

Art of Logic: The Logic Seminar (w/40 minute DVD, “Building Thinking Skills in Young people).
Value = $76


This 3-DVD Set containing almost four hours of video and over forty short lessons enriched with an engaging colonial theme and cinematic illustrations. The entire curriculum, which includes a Student Workbook, Teacher Guide, and Tests & Quiz Packs, provides instruction in clear thinking. It provides a Christian perspective, originally written by the noted logician Isaac Watts, on how to properly exercise our senses to discern between good and evil. Also included is a 40-minute dvd, “Building Thinking Skills In Young People.”

Prize #4
(only available during WEEK 1 of our sale!)

From Chaos to Order: 25 Tools Bringing Organization to Your Home
Spiral Bound Book (51 pages)


Women have a yearning to create a home, a place of order, beauty, comfort and peace. However, the compulsion to do it right often collides with feelings of guilt, inadequacy and frustration.

This encouraging book is solidly based on the fundamental truth of God’s word, Malia’s personal experiences, and insight gained from working with hundreds of women every year. Each chapter is filled with practical information, personal application and Scripture. This book helps turn modern homemakers from overwhelmed to overjoyed!


Prize #5
(only available during WEEK 1 of our sale!)

Baker’s Pack
from Wheat-n-Things


Wheat-n-things would like to offer a “Bakers Pack” that includes the following:
RealSalt Sea Salt
Honey (1 pound pkg.)

Prize #6
(only available during WEEK 1 of our sale!)

Hands and Hearts History Discovery Kit



Does hands-on history cause you heartache? How many times have you purchased a wonderful-looking history curriculum or activity guide, only to find yourself defeated by supplies that were expensive, hard-to-find, or just plain burdensome? Let Hands and Hearts History Discovery Kits do the hard work. Each kit combines interesting, significant hands-on art, language, math, science, and cultural projects with our exclusive Bible Truths Memory Cards and ready-to-use notebook pages. Best of all, absolutely everything you need to do the projects is right in the box!



Join the Notebooking Pages Treasury NOW and receive:

Access to ALL notebooking pages products.

Access to ALL current members-only pages.

Access to ALL updates & new notebooking pages during your subscription period . . . a whole year!
New updates are sent every few weeks!

Access to EVERYTHING in your membership indefinitely regardless of whether or not you renew at the end of your subscription period.





. . . just $52.46

when you use discount coupon = treasury2011
during your checkout process. This coupon not valid with
other percent discounts.

Click here to visit 5th Birthday Sale-A-Bration


Below is a list of ALL the
currently available Notebooking Pages Products
included in your Notebooking Pages Treasury Membership.

You get all of this PLUS all of our Members-Only Pages!


Basic Primary and Regular-Lined Notebooking Pages  $12.95 Included!

Character Study Notebooking Pages $3.00 Included!

Alphabet Copywork Notebooking Pages $3.95 Included!
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Animal Designs)  $3.95 Included!
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Celtic Designs)  $2.95 Included!
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Checkered Designs)  $2.95 Included!
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Christmas Designs) $3.95 Included!
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Circle Designs)  $2.95 Included!
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Diamond Designs)  $2.95 Included!
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Patriotic Designs)  $3.95 Included!
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Spiral Designs)  $2.95 Included!
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Star Designs)  $2.95 Included!
Copywork Notebooking Pages (Winter Designs) $2.95 Included!

American Presidents Notebooking Pages  $8.95 Included!
Famous Composer Notebooking Pages  $5.95 Included!
Famous World Explorers Notebooking Pages  $5.95 Included!
Presidential First Ladies Notebooking Pages $4.95 Included!

13 Colonies Themed Notebooking Pages  $2.95 Included!
National Parks, Monuments, & Memorials Notebooking  $9.95 Included!
State Birds, Flowers, Flags, & Seals Notebooking & Reference Pages  $4.95 Included!
United States of America Notebooking Pages  $3.95 Included!
Washington, D.C. Notebooking Pages (similar to individual & USA sets) $3.95 Included!

ALL 50 Individual State Notebooking Sets  $12.95 each
All 50 Included!
Bonus State Layouts for each of the 50 states  Included!

Alabama State Study Pages $3.95 Included!
Alaska State Study Pages $3.95 Included!
Arizona State Study Pages $3.95 Included!
. …and all the rest… $3.95 each Included!
West Virginia State Study Pages $3.95 Included!
Wisconsin State Study Pages $3.95 Included!
Wyoming State Study Pages $3.95 Included!

Canada Country Study Pages $4.95 Included!
ALL 13 Canadian Province Study Pages $2.95 each Included!
Egypt Country Study Pages $4.95 Included!
Germany Country Study Pages $4.95 Included!
Mexico County Study Pages $4.95 Included!

Ancient Americas History Notebooking Pages $2.95 Included!
Ancient China, Japan & India History Notebooking Pages $3.95 Included!
Ancient Egypt & Africa History Notebooking Pages  $6.95 Included!
Ancient Greeks, Minoans, & Mycenaeans History Notebooking Pages  $6.95 Included!
Ancient Mesopotamia Notebooking Pages  $6.95 Included!
Ancient Romans, the Early Church, & other European Cultures Notebooking Pages  $6.95 Included!

Latin & Greek Word Study Pages  $2.00 Included!

Nature Study Notebooking Pages  $10.95 Included!
All About Birds – Basic Study Notebooking Pages  $2.95 Included!
Birds of the World Notebooking Pages  $5.95 Included!
North American Birds Notebooking Pages  $8.95 Included!
Tropical Birds Notebooking Pages  $5.95 Included!
Wildflowers, Weeds, & Garden Flowers Notebooking Pages  $12.95 Included!


. . . just $52.46

when you use discount coupon = treasury2011
during your checkout process.
This coupon not valid with other percent discounts.

Click here to visit the 5th Birthday Sale-A-Bration


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