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2012 Presidential Election Notebooking Pages Now 1.00!

Saying that this is an election year would be an understatement! We have a great offer for you of a brand new ebook hot off our computer to help you cover the elections, learn about the issues being discussed in today’s world, and learn about the election process!

Make Your Own ABC Book About …The 2012 Presidential Election

We have some entertaining and educational book recommendations and a list of interesting and informative websites to assist you in your research about these topics to save you time!

Your kids can write their own political dictionary or a current history of the 2012 presidential election, describing the important issues being discussed in the daily news. No matter what slant or emphasis you take with this writing assignment, it is a great learning experience of our election process, government, and discussion of current events!

Each letter of the alphabet has 5 different notebooking pages from which to choose with different size lines, letter fonts, and borders – all with a biological “feel”. Also included are some ideas in how to use the pages and in making your own books.

Your whole family will enjoy learning, discussing, and writing about this important time in all our lives! And when your kids are finished, they will love their own published book! What a keepsake for prosperity to look back on when they are older, a true piece of history in the making!

Thank you for your purchases in the last year! And we hope you will find something in our new products this year that will continue to assist you in your homeschooling!

Buy Now    Only $1.00!

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  1. Just stumbled on your great elections resource! Feel free to link it up here this week during our elections round-up:



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