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Welcome to our store! We are busy working at developing new ebooks for you filled with fun lesson plans and ideas to assist you in your homeschool in using Charlotte Mason methods and Unit Studies with your family.

Scroll down the page to see what we offer to assist you in getting started quickly and easily using fun and effective methods for your homeschool learning!

Nature Studies

Nature Study, Nature Journals, 
and Poetry Through the Year E-Book                Autumn Nature Study and More E-Book
nature study through the year new ebook cover_edited-2                                 Autumn nature study and more 3d cover_edited-2
Detailed Info Here                                                            Detailed Info Here
$14.95                                                                                     Purchase now for $6.50
Sale Price $7.50!
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Winter Nature Study                                                     Spring Nature Study

winter nature study and more 3d cover_edited-1                  spring nature study and more ebook cover

Detailed Info Here                                                           Detailed Info Here
Now Only $3.25                                                              Now only $6.50
                                                                                                Sale Price Only  $3.75
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Summer Nature Study and More

summer nature study and more 3d cover_edited-1

             Detailed Info Here
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Unit Studies

You Can Make Your Own Unit Study Using Charlotte Mason Methods Audio Seminar Workshop Set

3 Workshops in 1! Charlotte Mason methods! Making Your Own Unit Studies! Using Charlotte Mason Methods in Your Unit Studies!

you can Make your own unit study using charlotte mason methods workshop set cover

Detailed Info Here
Now $14.95
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 Insects: A Unit Study using the Charlotte Mason Method and More

 Insects A Unit Study using Charlotte Mason Methods and More cover

Detailed Info Here

Sale Price Only $4.99!

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Notebooking Pages

ABC Books to Make
 Middle Ages

middle ages abc book cover$1.99

Detailed Info Here
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Human Body

 human body abc book cover web


Detailed Info Here
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thumbnail tcover for christmas abc book

Now Only $1.00
Detailed Info Here

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    thanksgiving abc book cover thumbnail

   Now Only $1.00
Detailed Info Here

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Ancient Greece

make your own abc book about... ancient greece$1.99

Detailed Info Here

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 Having Fun with Shakespeare for Kids and Teens

Having Fun with Shakespeare for Kids and Teens cover


Sale Price Only $4.99!

Detailed Info Here

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Animal Kingdom

animal kingdom abc cover



Detailed Info Here

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12 Responses

  1. I just purchased your book of nature activities for the year. I am checking to see if the seasonal ebooks are different or the same as the full year book.

    Additionally, I could not find you on Facebook.

    • Hi, the year round nature study ebook has all the things the seasonal books have and more. The Insect study is different. If you type in Katie’s Homeschool Cottage, you should be able to find it.

  2. I am new to literature based teaching. My older children were taugth with textbook. I really am looking forward to using cm/lit.based teaching.

    Do you have the following lesson plans for sale?If not would you consider selling it.

    A K-12 set of Charlotte Mason-based
    lesson plans incorporating: The Mystery of History, Adam to Messiah, Streams of Civilization, The Victor Journey Through the Bible, Christian Kids’ Explore Biology, Exploring Creation with Biology, Christian Eclectic Readers, Christian Liberty Nature Readers, Math-It, Math-U-See, Muggins, Reading Made Easy, Primary and *Intermediate Language Lessons, Writing Strands, Spelling Plus, Dictation, Daily Grams, Winston Grammar, The Fallacy Detective and a myriad of readers along with scheduled readings for the parent Charlotte Mason Companion, Pocketful of Pinecones, and Keeping a
    Nature Journal.

    This guide was written by Teresa Czebatul of Mountain View Books in Jefferson, NC. I have never been able to find anything on-line about it. The guide, basically, takes all these great books listed and arranges them to be used in a school year. There are so many books because all ages are studying the same things. There is also a Parent Page that gives the parent encouragement and reading “assignments” from the CM Companion, Pocketful of Pinecones and Keeping a Nature Journal. There is also a “how to use this book” section in the front.

    • Bev, I am posting your comments on my site in case anyone is interested in using these lesson plans. I have never heard of them, but if anyone else sees this comment and wishes to add any further information, please feel free to do so.

  3. I have bought your year round nature study ebook. We can’t wait to start! As far as the living books in it go. I don’t see them on your Amazon Store (the one linked to this site). Are they not available that way or am I missing them somewhere?
    I love your units and you’re doing such a wonderful job. Thank you!!!

    • Glad to hear you are happy with my curriculum. I haven’t matched specific books from the nature study book because there are so many and I haven’t had the time. lol. there are nature study general books in my amazon store, but you should be able to find most of the ones listed in the ebook on amazon or in your library system. You can do a search from my store to locate those I don’t have listed. Thanks for your purchases! I have lots of plans in the making for new products I am working on – units, mom/charlotte mason unit study workshops! Lots of neat stuff!

  4. A fellow homeschooler recommended your 2012 Election notebook and I was absolutely thrilled to find these unit studies that you’ve written as well.

    They are RIGHT on the nose, exactly what I’ve been looking for, for almost a year! I teach in our homeschool coop and although my children are 4 and 2 I love that I can use these even now with them and not just in the coop! A lot of the questions while on a nature walk are the same as what I do naturally. I am looking forward to getting more in depth and embracing both of my children’s curiosity and having the perfect tool to help me stay focused and organized in my teaching about the seasons.

    Thank you also for making them so affordable! We don’t have a lot of wiggle room at all so it’s nice to have the option of purchasing individual seasons, but it’s SO cost effective to get it all at once and I was shocked at how affordable it was. Thank you so much!

    • I’m so glad to hear you are happy with our nature study! I’m glad you have found it to be affordable. I understand lean times and wanted to be able to share with everyone what I put together at an affordable price. Thanks for your comments and purchases. Watch for more things to come in the future I am presently working on and am very excited about!

  5. I am trying to click this link to see more info about your product in the bundle (https://wordpress.com/post/6349952/602/), but it is asking me for a login. Is that supposed to happen?



  6. Hi! I am trying to purchase the Nature Study…Through the Year book for $7.50, but when I click Buy Now, I get an error message that this is not a valid choice. Please let me know how I can buy the book. Thanks!

    • Hi, Kelly! Thanks for letting me know the button wasn’t working. It used to – don’t know why it stopped. It should be fixed now. If you have any questions, let me know! Have a great day! Katie

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