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Autumn Nature Study and More

Well, some of you asked for smaller units for nature studies and we did it! This is not just a nature study though. Just like our Nature Study Through the Year book, this nature study uses nature to introduce more formal scientific study topics and areas. So to use an old saying, “You can have your cake (Charlotte Mason style nature study) and eat it too (study more traditional science topics).

If you’re like me, you like the idea of bringing your kids out into nature, enjoying the current season and appreciating the little things in your surroundings. However, you might be concerned about covering science as an academic subject.

The new Autumn Nature Study and More has been taken out of our year long study and made into its own ebook for those of you who want to pick and choose which season you want to study at a time and wish to purchase something at a lower cost to you than our Nature Study Through the Year ebook.

This nature study has you observing the autumn season during the months of September, October, and November. There are several suggested topics to observe each month. Just like our larger ebook, this ebook includes:

  • suggested nature study books to use alongside our practical nature study suggestions
  • poetry about the topics of nature study
  • living book lists for each topic for each month
  • suggested activities to do during your nature walk or after the walk
  • questions to ask during the walk to help your child focus or discuss their observations about a topic you want to  study on your walk
  • scientific connections: topics of formal science subject areas – includes living book lists and activity or experiment ideas to extend your scientific study
  • nature journal pages to print and use to keep a nature journal
  • suggested book list for keeping nature journals and drawing from nature

For example, this nature study will ask you to observe, read about, discuss, and explore migration habits of birds and animals. That is your nature study topic for one month. (There are others to choose from as well, if you wish to do something different or do more than one topic for each month.) From the idea of migrating birds and animals, you extend your nature study into a formal scientific study into physical science with a study of the earth’s magnetic fields, then magnets and magnetism.

This nature study supplies you with what you need if you want to use the poetry for copywork (you can use the included nature journal pages and include the copywork in your nature journal), read about topics in nature, bunny trail ideas into formal scientific study, and links and suggestions for more research, activities, and experiments into topics in the fields of biology, physical science, and chemistry.

Autumn Nature Study and More e-book

autumn nature study cover

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We hope you will enjoy this nature and science study as much as we do! I am enjoying the crisp feel to the air and can’t wait for the rest of the fall season.

 Other Nature Study e-books

We have other nature studies that we have taken out of our year long study for the Winter season and the Spring season if you wish to purchase either of those now as well here. They have everything the Autumn season nature study has, but different topics appropriate to each season.

Winter Nature Study and More ebook
(covering December, January, and February)

$6.50, Now only $3.25


winter nature study and more cover

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Spring Nature Study and More e-book
(covering March, April, and May)


spring nature study and more ebook cover

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Summer Nature Study and More e-book
(includes June, July, and August)


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Using Nature Study, Nature Journals, and Poetry Through the Year e-book

This ebook is a year long study of nature divided into seasons and months and the natural events that occur during those seasons. Through a natural introduction into science through nature, this study introduces children into different areas of biology, physics, and chemistry.

For an overview of what you will find in Using Nature Study, Nature Journals, and Poetry Through the Year, I invite you to view a slideshow I created to help explain my ebook:

 Using Nature Study, Nature Journals, and Poetry Through the Year ebook slideshow


Would you like to give nature study a try but don’t know how you will find the time or fit it into your schedule and still feel like you are covering everything you really feel the need to cover for science?

I’ve been there. That is why I have written a book that takes the time for nature study but still covers different areas of biology, chemistry, and physics as an extended study of what you observe in nature. These topics can be covered generally or more in depth. It all depends on you, your child, and the time and interest you have for each topic.

This 215 page study includes the following sections that you can print off a few at a time depending on the topic of your study and the time of year:

  • Each Season has 3 months
  • Each Month has poetry and quotes that have to do with that month or topics within that month
  • There are different topics and a different number of topics depending on the natural events during that season or month.

    For example, under Winter, you will find December, January, and February. Within January, you will find the topics of Trees in Winter, Astronomy, Owls,and Nocturnal Animals.

    Within each topic you will find:

  • Pertinent poetry and quotes
  • Suggested Living Book list
  • Nature Walk and Post-walk Activities
  • Questions with which to engage your children in conversation about the topic of study during the walk
  • Scientific Connections that naturally draw your child into an extended study of biology, physics, or chemistry that is connected to your nature study topic

    For example, a topic study in July is Weather – Thunder, Lightning, Rain, and Rainbows. After observing this in nature and studying it, a Scientific Connection offers suggestions in which to extend that study into a study of Electricity, Sound Waves and Vibrations, Color, Light, or Acid Rain.

             Each Scientific Connection has

  • Suggested Living Books list (if books are available on the topic)
  • Suggested Activities and Experiments
    Some of these are described in the book, others are websites or books of experiments.

  • The Next Major Section of the book is Nature Journaling
    Here you will find Recommended Nature Journal and Drawing book suggestions and websites. You will also find Suggested Sources for Nature Journaling pages and Sample Nature Journal pages within this book to get you started right away.
  • The Last Section is the Poetry section.
    Here you will find Suggestions in which to integrate Poetry into your nature study through Writing and Studying Literary Devices commonly found in Poetry.

 So, you can see that you CAN do a weekly nature study and still tie it into a more formal study of the traditional scientific areas and have the best of both worlds.

You can purchase the Using Nature Study, Nature Journals, and Poetry Through the Year ebook here with Paypal


nature study through the year new ebook cover_edited-2

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Please let us know how you like the ebook after your purchase. We are eager to hear your thoughts! If you know anyone else that may be interested please share our post. Thanks! 

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Unit Studies

Welcome to our Charlotte Mason Cottage Store! We are busying working at developing new ebooks for you filled with fun lesson plans and ideas to assist you in your homeschool in using Charlotte Mason methods with your family.

These lesson plans use Charlotte Mason’s methods of using living books, oral and written narration, copywork, and dictation. We have chosen a topic to study and developed lesson plans with quality living books (alot of them found free online) centered around the topic. Daily lessons have children doing narration and copywork with dictation at the end of the week using the given piece of copywork. We have added lots and lots of fun hands-on activities to do outside, inside, and on the computer. There are even suggested ways to include nature study and journaling into your study. There is so much in these units, you will be able to use these lesson plans for years.

These units can be followed exactly as written or customized by replacing portions of the day’s lessons with lists of options to choose from. Everything you need to follow Charlotte Mason’s methods are included in these units. It’s all there, ready for you to pick up and use. No more searching and gathering ideas, resources, and materials to plan your studies. All you have to do is locate the reading material we have recommended (alot of the time the reading material is a free online book written in Charlotte Mason living book style) or choose one you wish to use, and you are all ready to go.

To read a complete review of each title to learn what each unit study contains, read our Charlotte Mason Unit Study Descriptions.

Insect Unit Study

Order your Insects: A Unit Study using the Charlotte Mason Method and More now before the Insect season and school year are over!


Click on the Add to Cart link below the ebook picture and you will be taken to paypal to complete your purchase. Then you will have directions to automatically download your item.

Insects: A Unit Study using the Charlotte Mason Method and More

Insects: A Unit Study using the Charlotte Mason Method and More

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Remember, we have links to the Free Online Libraries on our website under Free Online Books and we have our own Unit Study Resource Store where you can browse the titles suggested in the unit’s Living Books list to look at their descriptions or to purchase. Just look for them under the heading Insect Unit Study and click to open that store.
Thank you! We really appreciate your business! Please let us know what you think! We want to know!

8 Responses

  1. I just purchased your book of nature activities for the year. I am checking to see if the seasonal ebooks are different or the same as the full year book.

    Additionally, I could not find you on Facebook.

    • Hi, the year round nature study ebook has all the things the seasonal books have and more. The Insect study is different. If you type in Katie’s Homeschool Cottage, you should be able to find it.

  2. I am new to literature based teaching. My older children were taugth with textbook. I really am looking forward to using cm/lit.based teaching.

    Do you have the following lesson plans for sale?If not would you consider selling it.

    A K-12 set of Charlotte Mason-based
    lesson plans incorporating: The Mystery of History, Adam to Messiah, Streams of Civilization, The Victor Journey Through the Bible, Christian Kids’ Explore Biology, Exploring Creation with Biology, Christian Eclectic Readers, Christian Liberty Nature Readers, Math-It, Math-U-See, Muggins, Reading Made Easy, Primary and *Intermediate Language Lessons, Writing Strands, Spelling Plus, Dictation, Daily Grams, Winston Grammar, The Fallacy Detective and a myriad of readers along with scheduled readings for the parent Charlotte Mason Companion, Pocketful of Pinecones, and Keeping a
    Nature Journal.

    This guide was written by Teresa Czebatul of Mountain View Books in Jefferson, NC. I have never been able to find anything on-line about it. The guide, basically, takes all these great books listed and arranges them to be used in a school year. There are so many books because all ages are studying the same things. There is also a Parent Page that gives the parent encouragement and reading “assignments” from the CM Companion, Pocketful of Pinecones and Keeping a Nature Journal. There is also a “how to use this book” section in the front.

    • Bev, I am posting your comments on my site in case anyone is interested in using these lesson plans. I have never heard of them, but if anyone else sees this comment and wishes to add any further information, please feel free to do so.

  3. I have bought your year round nature study ebook. We can’t wait to start! As far as the living books in it go. I don’t see them on your Amazon Store (the one linked to this site). Are they not available that way or am I missing them somewhere?
    I love your units and you’re doing such a wonderful job. Thank you!!!

    • Glad to hear you are happy with my curriculum. I haven’t matched specific books from the nature study book because there are so many and I haven’t had the time. lol. there are nature study general books in my amazon store, but you should be able to find most of the ones listed in the ebook on amazon or in your library system. You can do a search from my store to locate those I don’t have listed. Thanks for your purchases! I have lots of plans in the making for new products I am working on – units, mom/charlotte mason unit study workshops! Lots of neat stuff!

  4. A fellow homeschooler recommended your 2012 Election notebook and I was absolutely thrilled to find these unit studies that you’ve written as well.

    They are RIGHT on the nose, exactly what I’ve been looking for, for almost a year! I teach in our homeschool coop and although my children are 4 and 2 I love that I can use these even now with them and not just in the coop! A lot of the questions while on a nature walk are the same as what I do naturally. I am looking forward to getting more in depth and embracing both of my children’s curiosity and having the perfect tool to help me stay focused and organized in my teaching about the seasons.

    Thank you also for making them so affordable! We don’t have a lot of wiggle room at all so it’s nice to have the option of purchasing individual seasons, but it’s SO cost effective to get it all at once and I was shocked at how affordable it was. Thank you so much!

    • I’m so glad to hear you are happy with our nature study! I’m glad you have found it to be affordable. I understand lean times and wanted to be able to share with everyone what I put together at an affordable price. Thanks for your comments and purchases. Watch for more things to come in the future I am presently working on and am very excited about!

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